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The And Wander 8 item, natrual bird taster bag.


Here at And Wander we never use plastics, and we stay away from anything that is not sustainble. Hence we only source our chews and treats from as close to us as possible and never our of the EU.


This Eco bags are made from from sugar cane, the greenest material on the market. Meening no matter how many times you buy from us you will not be poluting the planet with deadly plastics, that kill natural wildlife.


This bag contains;


1 x Duck foot 

1 x Goose foot

1 x Chicken foot (natural)

1 x Chicken foot (puffed)

2 x 3 bird deli sausages 

1 x Duck wing 

1 x Deli Pheasant strip


All for just £5.00


Please always supervise your dog/s when eating treats and chews and always let them have access to fresh drinking water.

The And Wander £5 mixed dog treat taster bag "Bird Edition"

SKU: 386594
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