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Puffed Pig Snouts, the air-dried treats that retain their natural flavor while offering a quick, chewy, and high protein snack for dogs of all ages. These snouts are a great option for dogs who enjoy a chewy treat but with lower odor compared to the natural version.


Our Puffed Pig Snouts are carefully air-dried to preserve their natural flavor. This means that your dog can enjoy the authentic taste of pig snouts while indulging in a satisfying chew.


These treats provide a quick and chewy snack that dogs of all ages can enjoy. The texture of the snouts offers a satisfying chewing experience, keeping your furry friend entertained and content.


In addition to their chewiness, our Puffed Pig Snouts are also high in protein. Protein is an essential nutrient for dogs, supporting their overall health and well-being.


We understand that some pet owners prefer treats with lower odor, which is why our Puffed Pig Snouts are a great option. They offer the same benefits and flavor as the natural version but with reduced odor. 


Puffed Pigs Snout

SKU: 325489
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