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I have to say, that the most common problems dog owners have asked me about would all be digestion - related. Many of which have been much helped or 'sorted' by a change of diet (on to one of the CSJ rations) but 'Heal!' really helps to soothe the stomach and 'calm' any irritation. I used 'Heal!' in conjunction with 'Resist!' to maintain dogs digestive systems in a high state of health. Comes in a 250g resealable foil pouch.



Chamomile, Scullcap, Aniseed, Mint. .

Camomile is valuable in helping support the nervous system. Commonly known as the most popular herbal tea for a "relaxing sleep", Chamomile is often used as a 'calming and digestive aid'. It can also benefit some skin conditions. It can also help maintain healthy skin.
Scullcap is traditionally used to calm and relax without interfering with the performance of the animal.
Aniseed promotes digestion, improves appetite and relieves flatulence.
Mint can be taken to help support the nervous system and, as everybody knows, can be taken to aid digestive system.

Heal Digestive dog gut support

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