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Our Goose Feet are scrumptious natural treats, high in chondroitin which aids joint health.


250g = 5-6 feet


100% real goose feet, these delectable treats promise to provide your beloved dog with a truly unique and satisfying chewing experience. 

These treats are all about pure, unadulterated goodness, free from artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers, offering a wholesome snack that your dog deserves. 

Beyond just being delicious, these treats are packed with protein, making them an ideal and nutritious addition to your dog's diet. Not only are they delightful, but they're also beneficial for your dog's dental health, helping to reduce plaque and tartar build-up, contributing to better oral health and fresher breath.

They are a perfect alternative to chicken feet for those dogs with an allergy to chicken.


Crude protein:53.40%Crude fat:27.00%Moisture:7.80%Crude ash:10.80%Crude fibre:1.00%

Goose Feet

SKU: 375807
250 Grams
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