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The Canophera Coffee Wood Chew is a 100% natural and untreated stick to help keep your dog entertained, whilst helping to maintain their dental health.

Made from a by-product of coffee farming commonly called Coffee Tree Wood, each sustainable caffeine-free stick is extremely tough due to the tight bond of its fibres, and are significantly harder and heavier than wood sourced from local forests.

During the normal process of chewing, fine wood fibres are released by your dog’s saliva. These fibres are harmless and can be digested without a problem, but will also get in between your dog’s teeth and clean them naturally as they chew.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% natural and untreated
  • Very sturdy and long lasting
  • Vegan and Zero calories
  • Caffeine and sugar free
  • Suitable for dogs with allergies
  • Handmade in a sustainable and fair manner

As with any wood, splintering can occur, especially for dogs with really strong bites or vigorous chewing habits. If splintering does occur, or the chew is cracked in half, take it away from your dog immediately.

Coffee wood small

SKU: 368985
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