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Say goodbye to fleas, ticks & mites. Billy No Mates! is a totally safe and natural 'easy-to-use' tincture form with no nasty chemicals.

Say goodbye to fleas, ticks & mites

Fleas, ticks and mites are a nightmare for dog owners. Billy No Mates! is a totally safe and natural 'easy-to-use' tincture form with no nasty chemicals. Just mix in the aromatic combination of mint, seaweed, fenugreek, neem leaves and lemon balm to your dog or cat's food. Or add to your pet's food or treat. Billy No Mates! is also great for skin and coat condition. We suggest BNM is used from early March but can be used effectively all year round. Trusted for over 10 years. Available in 250ml container.


Their online  reviews


5***** "Over 8 years now...."

Julie on 25/4/2023


Review: I mix tincture with ground up dried food & it's lapped up. No nasty stinky chemicals. Long expiry dates too, which is good as I tend not to give over winter months, which means any remaining can be used the next year!



5***** "Amazing product"

Sophie W on 22/4/2023


Review: I absolutely love Billy No Mates for my dog - since moving to natural flea/tick/worm prevention this is a daily supplement we use! We use the tincture for easy mixing into food (we use other supplements which are powdered) and it is just perfect! 



5***** "Flea free!"

Aicha Traifi on 11/9/2022


Review: We have used BNM for nearly 5 years and our dog never had fleas. Although we also use a tick spray she does still attract ticks which will happily latch if I don't get to them first. Overall happy as it's a safe and natural product and haven't had any fleas!



5***** "2 years use and only 1 tick"

Stephanie B on 10/12/2021


Review: For two years we have used this on our dogs & only once have we found a tick and there are no fleas! No chemical treatment in our house when this works so well



5***** "It works!"

Emma Townsend on 20/8/2021


Review: To start with my dog was a little unsure but building it up in his food as he got used to it worked a treat. Now he thinks nothing of it and no fleas - yay!



Billy No Mates! Natural flea, tick and mite away tincture

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