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Introducing our £5 Gone Fishing Taster bag, perfect for giving your furry friend a taste of the sea! This bag includes a variety of natural dog treats made from sustainably sourced fish, such as salmon and cod. The treats are packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids for a shiny coat and strong immune system. Each bag contains a mix of crunchy fish skins and soft fish bites, providing a satisfying texture for your pup. Treat your dog to a taste of the ocean with our affordable and delicious Gone Fishing Taster bag.


1 x Cod ring 

4 x fish cubes 

4 x Cod cubes

4 x salmon twists 

1 x fish flattie 

50g sprats


Here at And Wander we never use plastics, and we stay away from anything that is not sustainble. Hence we only source our chews and treats from as close to us as possible and never out of the EU.


This Eco bags are made from from sugar cane, the greenest material on the market. Meening no matter how many times you buy from us you will not be poluting the planet with deadly plastics, that kill natural wildlife.

£5 Gone Fishing Taster bag

SKU: 532869
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