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Happy New Year and Happy New Products

Hello all our And Wander Family. Firstly, thank you for supporting us since starting our journey with you in October. We have come a long way and have some great new things happening this year. Firstly we are so proud to be accepted by CSJ, renowned for getting their dogs not only show ready but field ready too, for all their trials. We will be introducing more supplements throughout the first part of this year.

We also wanted to let you know after trialing the "Calm Down" on Raiyn, our now 10 month old Weimaraner x Vizsla, for around a month, she is not quite "the bag of spanners" that she once was. Her training, is much more focused and her walks calmer because of it, THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

We will be introducing going forward on our site The And Wander "Star of the month" and its with my pleasure to let you know as soon as our site is designed to house it. That, JEFF will be taking centre stage. So thank you to Deb's and all your family for your kind support for And Wander, sticking with us from the very start. You will find out more about JEFF soon. And many more of our And Wander family will be showcased, so you can get to know then and their favourite And Under nibbles and chews, and get to know our family more closely.

We also have some amazing new products I will be adding to the shop this week, including Duck and Goose Feet, and Buffalo tails too. We will be also launching a new range of 400g Pates soon in either a multi pack of 6 different flavours of just a single one to fill all those Hooves & Tach's and in good old And Wander style its not going to be a stupid price for a massive amount of pure goodness.

Im just left, once again to thank you all for all your support, guidance and friendship and don't forget if you order through the site you will accrue and can use those Raiyn's reward's.

We WOOF You ALL!!! Paula & Raiyn. xxx


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